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What's New?
June 25, 2024 - London, UK-based Urban.MASS and Abba Rail, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the New York City, USA-based Abba Platforms Inc., have signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) to pioneer the deployment of the Floc® Duo Rail™ system across Africa, with a projected development value of more than $2 billion USD, starting in Luanda Province, Angola. More at Urban.MASS News.

What is Abba Rail?
Abba Rail (formerly known as "Afrail Express") being developed by the developer of Africa's fastest growing peer-to-peer mobile payment, Abba App, seeks to transport people in different towns, cities and in-between countries across Africa, faster, safer and more comfortably affordable.

Through our two flagship brands, namely "Abba RailX" based on Urban.Mass Floc® Duo Rail™ technology and "Abba Way" based on Superconducting Magnetic Levitation (SCMaglev) technology, with "Abba App" as the preferred method of payment for ticketing, we focus on becoming the ultimate solution to move Africa.

At Abba Rail, our mission is to transport people in towns and cities across Africa faster, safer, and more affordable. Our vision is to transport more than 600 million paying passengers as well as more than 500 million packages through our courier services every week.

Abba RailX
Abba RailX is designed as an urban mass transit system, a lightweight and environmentally friendly, based on Urban.Mass Floc® Duo Rail™ technology, seeking to reduce traffic congestion in major towns and cities across Africa by transporting people to their destinations faster and more comfortably safer at lower fares. Learn more about Abba RailX at

Abba Way
Abba Way is designed as a high-speed passenger rail system based on Superconducting Magnetic Levitation (SCMaglev) Technology, seeking to transport people across Africa, from South Africa to Morocco to Nigeria to Egypt via in-between countries. Learn more about Abba Way".

Founded in 2014, Abba Rail Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Abba Platforms Inc., a premier holding company which owns fast-growing brands including Abba App, Abbain, Swyws, Abbafly, among other products and services.